My first SOLD print is out the door

Today I shipped the very first print I sold (above) and am walking on air! To commemorate, I indulged a sudden wild hunch that hijacked my fingers and updated my Facebook status to say:

If you’re interested in having me shoot some artsy photos for you, leave a comment or drop me a note. I’m offering a limited number of free sessions while I’m building my portfolio. I do best with kids, dogs and women of all ages. I prefer shooting outdoors or where there’s lots of natural light. Let’s have some fun!

About a dozen women responded. Women of all ages, women with kids, women with dogs. To say I’m thrilled is an understatement! Photography is where my creative soul has been on absolute fire for quite some time, so here we go!

Also exciting and noteworthy: I invited an amazing professional photographer I’ve known for years via Flickr and Facebook to visit and teach me more about photography, and today she booked her flights! WOOT! We’re going to have a total kick-ass time together. Check out Julie Ziesemann’s wonderful work at Sungazing Photography.

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