Adventurers Need Rest Too

Woke up before dawn, typically a time of day I don’t see. Since I’ve been longing to photograph morning light for ages, I took Silas on an early morning hike on the trails above Helena. So lovely!

Then I took care of having three stitches removed from my jawline. I haven’t written about what happened and I won’t other than to say it was an unfortunate encounter with a dog (not Silas). Please do NOT email me asking what happened. It’s nothing serious, I truly am fine and that’s all I’ll say on the matter publicly or privately. But along with getting my period, it did lend to today’s need for downtime from adventure.

After that I visited Montana’s Museum at the Montana Historical Society, which I’ve corresponded with regarding Disappearing Montana. By this time I was somewhat tired and not as engaged as I would’ve liked so didn’t track down my penpal there. Instead I stopped for my first meal out since leaving home — lunch at Great Harvest Bread. YUM! About a thousand times better service + atmosphere than Spokane’s Great Harvest Bread on 29th. This fellow customer looked so elegant I couldn’t resist snapping her. Plus I love women who read in restaurants.

Even Silas and his new baby were mellow today!

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