My new project: Photograph Disappearing Montana

This summer I’m taking the first step towards making a dream come true:

To explore Montana and photograph ghost towns, old homesteads and abandoned farms. Meet with old-timers to chronicle their stories. Combine the two. Publish a book.

This summer is the beginning, where the rubber meets the road.

And I need your support.

I’m starting this journey July 28th immediately after our family reunion on the Swan River near Bigfork. I’ll drive to Helena (state capitol) then venture north into Hill County where both my parents were born and raised. I’ll spend time at the Blazek farm near Big Sandy where my great-grandparents homesteaded nearly 100 years ago. (The above barn photo was taken last summer on our homestead.) If there’s time, I’d love to knock around the rough and tumble copper mining towns of Butte and Anaconda — but Montana is a crazy big state and I could easily spend these 2+ weeks JUST in Hill County so I’m keeping some space open to meander and follow others’ breadcrumbs during this first of what will be several trips over the next year.

I’ll be traveling with a tent, sleeping bag, lantern, bear spray and biodegradable TP. Despite my rugged heritage, I’m a total pansy camper. Your contribution will help pay for gas and the occasional sanity-saving motel and hot shower. Silas will thank you too. Dobies weren’t meant to sleep on the ground and a disgruntled Dobie is one sad sight to behold.

If the spirit moves you, I would deeply appreciate any donation you’re able to make. To express my gratitude for your generosity, I’d like to share the fruits of this project via the following reward tiers:

 $25 – ONE 5×7 print of your choice
 $50 – TWO 5×7 prints of your choice
 $75 – ONE 8×10 print of your choice
$100 – TWO 8×10 prints of your choice

Know that ANY amount, no matter the size, makes a difference! There’ve been times I’ve given $5 to various projects. All contributors will be publicly thanked unless you request otherwise.

And if you can’t afford a $$$ contribution, positive juju and encouraging words happily welcomed and accepted!

Thank you SO MUCH for your support!

Carla Blazek
Tumbled Bones Photography

P.S. Know any disappearing, abandoned or endangered places in Montana I should visit? I’d LOVE to hear from you! Email

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